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April 3, 2014
Term Limits Petition Filed
July 29, 2014
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Ethics Complaint Filed Against Village Officials

Village officials ignore making required ethics disclosures

Where there’s smoke there’s fire?  Elected officials are required to disclose such things as their employment as well as their spouses employment.  Most just ignore doing it.  Appointed officials are required to disclose their business dealings with the Village.  They don’t.  What do all these people have to hide?  We’re hearing interesting things from the insiders.  There’s more to this than just collectively “forgetting” to let taxpayers know what they are supposed to be told so information can remain hidden.  Maybe some day we’ll hear from Mayor Ed and his “Team” what they are mandated to disclose.   Our prediction?  Just like when 72% of the voters told Zabrocki they wanted term limits but his bottom line was to ignore them, Zabrocki will decide to do nothing about this.  Like Mayor Ed has said over and over again, “It’s business as usual in Tinley Park.

Below are the first 10 pages of a 136 page document. To read/print the entire document, CLICK HERE.

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