Garbage Lawsuit – 1st Amended Complaint
September 13, 2015
#19 Mayor Ed’s Pension
November 28, 2015
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Class Action Red-Light Camera Fines Lawsuit Filed

Law suit filed to recover $2 million in photo red light fines.

The landscaper who is paid $100/hour by the Village to water flowers and cuts the grass at Mayor Ed’s house wasn’t issued tickets because of “police discretion.” Employees of a major campaign contributor to Team Tinley also got passes as did a lengthy list of others with “clout”. But what about you? When you received your ticket, even though State law provides that you can contest the ticket “in court”, Tinley Park doesn’t give you that option. Your only recourse is to ask for an Administrative Hearing in front of a guy who also contributed to Team Tinley. Seem fair? Read the whole Complaint and stay tuned…

Below are the first several pages of both the Complaint and the Exhibits to the Complaint. The Complaint in its entirety is 23 pages long. The Exhibits are 66 pages long.

To read/download the entire Complaint CLICK HERE.
To read/download the complete Exhibits CLICK HERE.

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