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March 7, 2017
Dave Seaman: “Architect” of the “Home Rule Sales Tax” that increased your overall tax burden
March 22, 2017
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Judge Denies Village’s “Motion to Dismiss”

Yesterday, Judge Thomas Allen denied the Village's request to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks an order directing Ed Zabrocki, Pat Rea, Dave Seaman, Gregory Hannon, Brian Maher, Thomas Staunton, Patricia Leoni and T.J. Grady to refund to the Village taxpayer funds used for political purposes.  Taxpayer funds were used to purchase tickets to parties, events, and fund raisers for these elected officials.  Money was also spent on sponsorships and advertisements for such things as golf outings and church and school events.  Previously, when asked to provide documentation of the "public purpose" of the expenditures, the Village advised they had none.  Hundreds of expenditures were questioned in the lawsuit, but for purposes of the hearing on the Motion the Judge's attention was directed to the purchase of tickets for Zabrocki and his wife to the Illinois Philharmonic on multiple occasions and the purchase of eight tickets to a concert at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that were used by elected and employed Village officials.  It was also noted that one year the Village paid the Chamber of Commerce $200,000 with no explanation.  The Village was ordered to file an "Answer" to the Complaint by April 18, 2017.  It is expected that thereafter the process of discovery and depositions will begin.

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