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March 7, 2017
January 4, 2018
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Dave Seaman: “Architect” of the “Home Rule Sales Tax” that increased your overall tax burden

Dave Seaman's multiple campaign mailers are meant to boast that he single-handedly is responsible for "No Village Property Tax Increase for 3 Straight Years."  This little snippet is far from the truth.  He doesn't remind us that he was the "architect" of the "Home Rule Sales Tax" that was implemented on July 1, 2014 specifically to avoid an immediate increase in property taxes.  The sales tax added a $123 per household per year tax burden on residents that translates into a 12% to 21% overall increase in taxes a homeowner pays to the Village.  When the Village Board approved the sales tax in 2014 they did not have to hold a public hearing as they would have had to do if they tried to raise the property tax that amount.  Why has there been so little interest in cuts in spending and so much emphasis on simply raising the tax burden on residents and businesses?  Read more of the details here...Newsletter-27

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